Migration Time

It is migration time in Texas. The Monarch Butterflies are passing through. I went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and the Dallas Arboretum and was lucky enough to stand among hundreds of butterflies.

As I zoomed in to get pictures of the monarchs I felt overwhelmed by their beauty and amazed by the journey they were undertaking.

monarch 1

monarch 2

monarch 3

monarch 4

12 thoughts on “Migration Time

  1. Mabel Kwong

    Brilliant photos of the butterflies, Tree. You captured them nice and sharp as they are flitting here and there. They are definitely very beautiful. Looks like they are in their element, flying round and round those green leaves 🙂

      1. Mabel Kwong

        Butterflies are never dull to watch. They have different colours and patterns on their wings. However, I wish they loved us humans more and fly around us more often!

      1. Amy

        We go Dallas at least once a year, haven’t visited the Arboretum though 🙂 Will be happy to let you know next time. 🙂

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