10 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Abandoned Buildings

  1. Mabel Kwong

    That building does look abandoned. And derelict. Give it another ten years it might fall to the ground. That tree looks a bit lonely, though. In the first photo it looks like it’s reaching out one arm and trying to comfort the building 🙂

    1. treerabold Post author

      Is the tree trying to comfort the building or push it on over so it has space to grow big and strong?!!
      I do think you are right….this place will probably not stand for too many more years

      1. Mabel Kwong

        Oooooh, two different thoughts there. I had to take a second look at the first photo. I am going to be positive and say the tree is trying to comfort the building! However, even a slight touch might be too much for the tree! And one day the tree will be all by it’s lonesome self…

      2. treerabold Post author

        Choosing the optimistic route is good! I’ll follow you and agree the tree is a nice guy. Because he will indeed be alone one day soon!

    1. treerabold Post author

      I agree Joanne. I hate to see homes sit empty when there are so many that need a roof over their heads. It also saddens me when the old buildings are left to rot while new ones are built next door!


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