5 Day Black & White Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 of the 5 day Black & White Challenge.

It has been an enjoyable challenge. I’d like to thank Helen from HHC for inviting me to participate. If you have not visited Helen’s blog…do yourself a favor and scoot on over to her page. You will not be sorry…her photography is wonderful and her heart is huge!

There were only two rules to follow when agreeing to participate in this challenge. The first was to post 5 different B&W photos in 5 days. The other was to invite a different photographer each day. I ran into a few road blocks but was able to invite 2 different bloggers Aletta from Nowathome and Amy at The World is a Book. And tonight I invite a third, Taylor from The Darkroom Nerd. I have recently “met” Taylor here in the blogging world. Her photography is very exciting. I like her diversity of subjects and her willingness to tell a little about what was happening when she took the photos. I encourage you all to visit Taylor’s blog as well as Aletta’s and Amy’s….you will not be disappointed!

Here is my final photo for this challenge. My precious lab-mix. Today she divided time between playing in the snow and snuggling with her moms….this is her snuggle time!

Puppy Smile

Puppy Smile

11 thoughts on “5 Day Black & White Challenge – Day 5

  1. Helen C

    So cute. That gives me an idea… I wonder how the world would look like if we turn ourselves upside down. Hmm… 😉 Thanks for participating. I enjoy seeing your photos!

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