365 Days of Photos – Day 85

Daffodils along the Trinity River – 7th Street Bridge in the background


I noticed this odd little flower among the bunch and immediately thought of Midwestern Plant Girl. Plant Girl…..would you like a shot  at explaining this unique genetically altered plant?!


18 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos – Day 85

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Hi Tree! Amazing find you’ve got there. I’ve actually written a post about these. It’s a genetic symptom called a ‘chimera’. Where there is a whole different set of dna that causes the half/half thing. There is a lot of dna being messed with in daffy’s during propagation. This one was just showing off. This may not happen to the flower next year, so good capture on that! This can happen in people also! Have you ever seen someone with 2 different colored eyes? Jane Seymore, the actress is one.

    1. treerabold Post author

      I knew you would know the answer! And after reading your article I now know something I didn’t know yesterday!!
      I was really amazed at how perfectly split the colors were. It was quite pretty!
      Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

  2. Sue

    Love these!! And your train photos, too. I’m so far behind in all my reading I may not be able to comment as I would like, but you have some really great shots.

    1. treerabold Post author

      Thanks Sue!
      I also have a really hard time keeping up with everyone’s post.
      Sometimes I wish my job understood that blogging requires a few hours out of my work day!!


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