365 Days of photos – Day 364

In April 2000 a tornado hit downtown Fort Worth and the near west side of downtown.

These four metal beams were once supports for a billboard. But Mother Nature bent them useless.DSC_0251

Instead of tearing them down, it was decided to include them in the design of a new post office.DSC_0265

I really like the connection of the bent steel and the mail carrier motto….”Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stay thecourier from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”



8 thoughts on “365 Days of photos – Day 364

  1. joannesisco

    Knowing the history behind these bent poles makes them a powerful reminder that we are at the mercy of nature. This post is timely given the recent devastation in the Dallas area. Was that a coincidence or deliberate?

    1. treerabold Post author

      Mostly a coincidence. I took the pictures awhile back. I was scrolling through my photos last night and realized I had never posted them.
      I agree they are a powerful reminder…

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Love the relation of Mother Nature’s ability and the Post Office’s motto. Sadly, up here snow WILL stop the completion of delivered mail 😦
    Have a wonderful new year! See you in 2016!

      1. Midwestern Plant Girl

        I remember a bunch of years ago, I went to a work conference in Chicago (while living in FL) with a bunch of Southerners. It had snowed 3″ and no one wanted to drive. I took the wheel. The funny part was that a guy from Waco told me that one year, when it snowed, the town thought it would help to put hay on the roads! He said it was a disaster! Not only did it cause more sliding, it got everywhere.
        I think it would be nice to live somewhere where snow would close the area. I like respecting Nature and all her powers. πŸ˜ƒ
        I think the motto could be reworked a bit. .. Maybe something like:
        No budget, or money or good weather will keep us from delivering the mail when we feel like it. πŸ˜‰

      2. treerabold Post author

        LOL!! I think the motto remake is a keeper!

        I grew up in Ohio and remember laughing at news reports of southern cities closing due to an inch of snow.
        And as a group home manager I would tell my staff…”if you were at work you could drive through the snow to get home….now get to work!” (Hard ass)
        Now we get a glaze on the road and I smile and settle into the recliner for a “snow” day!! 😎

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