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365 Day of Photos – Day 32

The Trinity Park is a place I enjoy spending time. The park is next to the Trinity river, a stones throw from downtown Fort Worth.

The painted pillars are under Lancaster Ave and located near the Duck Pond. I’ve admired the art and colorful addition for some time but only recently looked up “Trinity Pillar Project.” I was pleased to learn the project was the brain child of a high school freshman!

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Trinity Pillar Project



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – 2015 Week #2

A few weeks ago I was driving around town looking for industrial shots for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. When off in the distance what did I see? Well it certainly wasn’t a jolly old guy, but I thought it might be an excessive amount of Christmas decorations.

beer can art

As I got closer I realized these were not Christmas decorations….but what were they?

beer can art 2

Wow! Beer can art? Recycling gone bad? Or simply a man with a little too much time on his hands?

beer can art 3

I think this gentleman (yes I’m assuming NO woman would do this!!) may need to start a blog…what do you think his topic would be?!

Visit Cee’s odd ball photo challenge for more unique photos!

A Little Research….

On Monday I posted a picture of bicycles hanging in a tree for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge Week 12. A comment from Janet at This, That and the Other Thing, sent me to Google to find out what I could about the tree and the person that decided bikes look good in trees.  So, if any of you are interested in the man that decorates trees with bikes, here is a link for you to follow! The article I’ve linked was written in 2012 and George Hilton was 94 years old at that time. I took the picture this past Friday (05/16/14) so I can only assume Mr. Hilton continues to dabble in yard art!