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NaBloPoMo – Pets

Is it true our pets are like our children?

Our dogs certainly have their own personalities. Even though several of them have some of the same behaviors they all have their own little quirks.

This morning one of the dogs (Hershey the Schnauzer)  had a panic attack when the smoke detector beeped because it needed a new battery.

Our lab (Sugar) has been stressing out in her kennel. Even though she has spent time in the kennel every day since she came to live with us. This stressed out behavior started about a month ago when the church behind us started doing construction.

Today I got home from work and found her bloody from trying to bust out of her kennel.

I’ve decided to take her to work tomorrow to give us a few days to figure out how to help her make it through her days without hurting herself.

Freckles (Spitz mix) rarely lets me out of his site. Right now he is laying under my feet. The other dogs have gone to bed, but he waits for me.

They are like little furry people…that could benefit from a little therapy…and maybe medication!