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365 Days of Photos – Day 154

I really like the the large wind turbines. Even though we don’t have any in the immediate areas there are thousands in west Texas. Occasionally I will see semi trucks hauling the blades. Today I saw a train with nearly 25 blades – one blade for every car. Fortunately the train was parked so I was able to get up close. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a shot from a decent angle to show the endless string of blades.

Here is one photo I did get….it shows several blades.

turbine blades

The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge / Converge

“Photos are visual spaces where shapes and lines, objects, and people come together. Geometry in photography — shapes, diagonals, vanishing points….”

I have always been fascinated with photos and drawings of objects vanishing in the distance. An object that goes so far it disappears into the horizon. Objects like a railroad line or a country road.

Traveling through the wide open spaces of West Texas this past weekend I found many examples of vanishing points…here are two of the scenes I captured

country road DSC_0052

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