A Weekly Series – If My Dog…

“Wanna go for a ride?”

Wag, wag, bark, bark, jump, full circle turn, wag, wag!

And off we go to the car.

Now, this is where I question my dog’s judgement. This wonderful creature has no idea whether we are going to the corner store, the dog park, the vet or on vacation. Does she need to grab her doggie snacks? Will she need her favorite blanket? Maybe she will need her favorite rolling, bouncing round thing!

She grabs nothing!

She runs to the car, jumps into the backseat, does a quick spin and sits down. She waits patiently for me to roll down her window. Once the window is down far enough for her to put her head out, she is ready for “a ride.”

If my dog thought logically she might try to use the restroom “one more time” before getting in the car. 
If my dog thought logically she might sneak a couple quick bites of kibble and lap-up some water before hitting the road. 

But, sound judgement and logic do not appear to be part of my dog’s make-up. She is carefree, easy-going, laid-back and spontaneous!

If I were like my dog….I would jump up and down with excitement at each new adventure that crossed my path!


9 thoughts on “A Weekly Series – If My Dog…

  1. pavanneh

    If we go for a “ride” without our dog Angus, he will sulk and turn his back to us when we get home. He refuses to accept that maybe he can’t go for every car ride. And he owns the car when he is in there. 😀


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