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365 Days of Photos – Day 20

I was surprised to notice this tree yesterday while out walking. It appears to have white buds popping out all over. Its been cold (by our standards) for the past couple weeks here in Texas and this week it feels like spring. But spring is at least another month away and we will have several more cold snaps between now and then.

I’ve done a little Google search in an attempt to learn what this tree is…I’ve had no luck. I’m hoping Midwestern Plant Girl might be able to help me out with identification!

tree bud 2

tree buds

tree buds 3

365 Days of Photos – Day 17

Today while riding bikes on the Trinity River we were passed by this group of young cowboys and cowgirls….strange as that may seem in some cities…it really isn’t unusual here in Fort Worth. This is a city that celebrates its “cowboy” heritage and proudly claims the nickname Cowtown.


Due to procrastination and router issues, I am posting day 17 on day 18. I will post day 18 later this evening.

365 Days of Photos – Day 16

Today was such a beautiful day in North Texas. After a week (plus) of cold temperatures, gray skies and even some rain, we finally returned to temperatures in the 60’s (F) and blue skies.

I took some time to walk around a local pond and snap pictures of the ducks. I caused quite a ruckus when several younger ducks waddled up to say hi. The older ducks quickly followed and started hissing (like cats!) at me (or the ducks I’m not sure). No matter who their hissing was aimed at it was obvious they didn’t want us to spend any significant time together! (Muscovy Ducks)

Hissing ducks

Then there was this little guy…I just thought he was cute! He is a Northern Shoveler.

Northern shoveler

And what duck photo shoot is complete without a picture of a Mallard Duck?

mallard duck

365 Days of Photos – Day 14

I wonder how many of you see something out of the corner of your eye as you are driving down the street and immediately circle back so you can take a picture?

I do it all the time! Fortunately my job requires me to drive all over our county to visit clients. Thanks to this job requirement I spend a lot of time in the car. I am constantly watching for unique objects or beautiful scenery or even interesting shapes. I also try to notice the things I think many people drive by everyday and never see.

The picture I chose to post tonight I think is an extremely unique bench. It actually sits in the corner of someone’s yard on a very busy street. Surprisingly it was found only 5 or 6 blocks from my office….yet I’ve never noticed it (my excuse…I rarely drive this direction!)

Today, as I caught sight of this unique bench, I ditched the busy street and went around the block so I could take pictures of it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

old bench