22 thoughts on “Dandelions – An Unusual View

      1. joannesisco

        Yup – I can relate to that one after taking a face-plant in the snow last weekend. I’m pretty sure I heard the woman walking behind me on the trail try to cover up her snort :/

      2. treerabold Post author

        I still would’ve tripped her!!

        I did a face first sprawl in the middle of the street….a car drove around me…didn’t stop to see if I was ok or offer to help. Of course I jumped up and pretended like everything was going just as I planned!!

      3. joannesisco

        It’s soooo mortifying to fall like that. The good news is the car drove around you … but I’m surprised that they didn’t bother to make sure you were ok. Not cool.

  1. Sue

    This year I won’t even care if we have dandelions in our lawn. I will just be happy we have a lawn with something green in it! Love the perspective of the 2nd photo. Also love the conversation with Joanne – that made me chuckle!


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