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365 Days of Photos – Day 56

Yes, I was out stalking ducks again today. I didn’t plan to hang out with the ducks….but they were so┬árambunctious I couldn’t help but stop and watch them.

However, it wasn’t the ducks that kept my attention today. Instead it was a group of gulls that flew around the pond. Occasionally a gull would land in the water and try to “blend in” with the ducks. At least that’s the way I interpreted their behavior!


365 Days of Photos – Day 16

Today was such a beautiful day in North Texas. After a week (plus) of cold temperatures, gray skies and even some rain, we finally returned to temperatures in the 60’s (F) and blue skies.

I took some time to walk around a local pond and snap pictures of the ducks. I caused quite a ruckus when several younger ducks waddled up to say hi. The older ducks quickly followed and started hissing (like cats!) at me (or the ducks I’m not sure). No matter who their hissing was aimed at it was obvious they didn’t want us to spend any significant time together! (Muscovy Ducks)

Hissing ducks

Then there was this little guy…I just thought he was cute! He is a Northern Shoveler.

Northern shoveler

And what duck photo shoot is complete without a picture of a Mallard Duck?

mallard duck