Black & White – Flowers

This week Cee has asked us to share black & white photos of flowers. I have chosen two photos taken recently…a dandelion and a daisy.

Though some may consider a dandelion a weed…I believe weeds are only flowers we don’t like…and I really like dandelions!

BW dandelion


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Spring Blooms…

When I first moved to Texas I was told the way to tell the seasons apart…
Winter: The sky is blue, the grass is brown and there are no leafs on the trees.
Summer: The sky is blue, the grass is brown and there are leafs on the trees.

Apparently my friend forgot to mention the one season that is bright and colorful. Lush green dotted with pinks, yellows, purples, whites and so many more colors.DSC_0083

My absolute favorite season….Spring.DSC_0088

This afternoon Tina and I drove to West Texas. The highways lined with beautiful spring flowers. The median filled with pink, the fields of green stretched to the horizon.

Me, driving along the highway, surrounded by spring blooms…my happy place.

Free & Easy

I am sliding into this challenge under the wire.

This week Cee asked us to share photos to show our interpretation of “free and easy.”

I immediately thought of this photo…what could be more “free and easy” than a group of kids playing on a tire swing on a brisk spring day?tire swing

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“I Found a Worm!”

“I found a worm!” The little boy yelled as he ran toward the back porch.

“I found a worm. I found a worm.” He repeated as he neared the group.

When he stopped, he extended his hand with pride, the adults giggled. 

He stretched his arm as high as he could toward the adult’s face.

The adults continued to giggled, then the adult with the “worm” closest to her face said, “Sweetie, that’s not a worm, that’s a cricket.”Paul cricket

The little boy looked down at the creature in his tiny hands and studied it. 

As though he knew the answer all along he jumped off the porch and ran across the yard to his brother. 

“I found a cricket!” “I found a cricket!” “Look, I found a cricket!”

The adults giggled.