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P = Purple

I seem to be on a color theme! Honestly the “O” I just had a hard time thinking of something besides orange. As for using purple for “P” I just really like this flower and wanted an excuse to post it!

While visiting Brownfield Texas last weekend I saw very few wildflowers. Unlike here in Central Texas where wildflowers fill every open space of land. The one wildflower I saw was this lovely Tahoka Daisy.

Tahoka Daisy

Tahoka Daisy

The A – Z Challenge will run through April. Each day is a different letter and a different photo…I hope you all enjoy!

365 Days of Photos – Day 68

My final West Texas photo….until we head back out there in a few weeks!

Another shot I noticed on our last trip. A line of mailboxes outside a trailer park. Yep…I notice some odd things! Imagine what its like riding with me. Oh yes I tend to drive most of the time (I have control issues) and my head is bopping back and forth….seeing this, checking out that….and sometimes I look out the front windshield!

Snyder, Texas

Snyder, Texas

365 Days of Photos – Day 67

We have been making frequent trips to West Texas lately. The purpose of yesterday’s trip was to deliver an electric wheelchair to Tina’s dad. There are basically two routes that we take to Brownfield and because of this we have become very familiar with each town we pass through. During our last trip (a few weeks ago) I noticed this abandoned store. We didn’t have time to stop so I made a mental note. As we headed West on I 20, early yesterday morning, the store made it on my list of must stops for this particular trip.

Gail, Texas - State Route 180

Gail, Texas – State Route 180

Mercantile store